Steel Art Signs offers a wide variety of distinct products in order to serve each client’s specific needs. By offering complete custom signage solutions, Steel Art ensures that each customer will see their unique vision become a reality. Steel Art’s knowledgeable and industry experienced staff members are happy to provide advice to their clients in order to develop a design that will satisfy all parties involved in a particular project. In addition, Steel Art is willing to supply artwork to its clients free of charge!

Below is a list of some of the more common sign types that Steel Art produces and installs. Under each sign type, you will find a brief description of the sign and a series of photos showing examples of the final product.


Channel Letters

Channel letters (sometimes referred to as “backlit letters”) are a form of illuminated signage typically lit using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Channel letters are often used by retailers who want to capture a unique 3D appearance for their storefront. The technology used to form channel letters is capable of re-creating even the most unique fonts. Halo letters are a variation of channel letters in which the LED illumination shines through the back of the sign, casting a glow around the outside of each letter.

Fascia signs

Fascia signs (or “box signs”) are a form of illuminated sign that can be lit using either LED or fluorescent technology. These signs are typically rectangular in shape, but can sometimes be formed into more unique shapes referred to as “cloud signs”. Fascia signs cater well to logos with very detailed colouring or obscure shapes that do not translate well into channel letters. A combination of excised aluminum faces and cut plastic can be used to create impressive effects such as “pushed-thru” or “backed-up” designs.

Pylon signs

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that are situated near roadways and can be lit using either LEDs or fluorescent bulbs. These signs are usually the first point of identification that a consumer will see and are the most important signs in helping a potential customer find a particular store. Pylon signs are often shared between multiple tenants located on the same property. Every pylon sign produced and installed by Steel Art is thoroughly engineered and guaranteed for structural integrity.


Cut-out letters

Cut-out letters are a form of non-illuminated signage that is routed out of either plastic or metal materials. This is an effective sign design for interior applications or for well-lit exterior locations. Businesses that are not concerned with a high-level of exposure outside of regular working hours may choose to go with this option.

Formed letters

Formed letters are a type of non-illuminated signage similar to cut-out letters, only they provide a more 3-dimensional look to the finish product. These letters are shaped by hand and often manufactured out of elaborate metals such as stainless steel, copper, or bronze. Formed letters can add a very eloquent look to an interior display, and are often used in reception areas and boardrooms.


Non-illuminated panels can be used for both exterior and interior applications depending on the material composition. A panel can either be directly printed on using digital printing technology, or can have cut-out, formed, or vinyl letters/logos adhered to the panel surface. Metal, glass, and wood panels are often used in conjunction with formed letters to create a unique appearance where illuminated designs are not possible.


Vinyl decals are cut-out pieces of opaque film that are generally applied directly to walls or windows. Decals can be used to reinforce branding, identify specific locations, or for navigational purposes.



The term “Wayfinding” is used to describe a system of signs that are installed for the purpose of directing traffic, whether inside or outside. Wayfinding plays a particularly important role in larger institutional buildings, such a universities, hospitals, and government offices. The key to implementing an effective wayfinding system is to use a number of different signs while maintaining a consistent style across varying sign types.



Steel Art Signs is one of only a handful of Canadian companies that are capable of producing and installing rooftop signage. Over the years, Steel Art has installed high-rise signs for some of Canada’s most prominent corporations. Whether the site is in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or Montreal, Steel Art has capable installers to ensure that every high-rise install is completed in a safe and efficient manner.

To date, Steel Art Signs’ High-Rise installations in the USA have been limited to Time Square, but as Steel Art continues to grow and expand in the United States Market, so will our High-Rise installations.